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Veeva Systems

Active Pharma is an official partner of Veeva Systems

Thanks to obtained certificates and close cooperation with Veeva Systems, as one of a few Polish agencies,
we possess practical knowledge of Veeva CRM and Veeva Multichannel products.

Veeva Multichannel

We have the highest (fourth) level of Veeva Multichannel certification.
Over the course of carried out projects, our specialists actively support our clients in creating modern and engaging marketing materials. These solutions make it easy for Representatives to effectively reach healthcare professionals, increase the materials’ memorability and efficiency.

Veeva Approved Email

We create e-mailings for Veeva CRM application, which help sales and medical representatives send personalized and approved information to clients.

Veeva CLM

We design and develop interactive presentations that help medical and sales representatives present information in a more engaging way. Real-time monitoring also enables optimization of content’s efficiency.

Veeva Engage Meetings

Our team can create and configure responsive (RWD) content in accordance with the requirements of Veeva Engage Meetings – a solution used for carrying out self-engagement visits with a web browser or interactive meetings via video.

Veeva CRM MyInsights

It’s an innovative solution that helps medical representatives prepare for meetings with healthcare professionals. Veeva CRM MyInsights makes it possible to quickly visualize gathered data, create individual, custom-made views and reports with the use of HTML and JavaScript.

Veeva CRM

Active Pharma is also a certified administrator of Veeva CRM.
Thanks to the Veeva CRM system employees of pharmaceutical companies can effectively plan, monitor and report sales activities, as well as manage customer relations, territories and realization of targets.

As Veeva CRM administrator we can:

  • activate / deactivate system functionalities according to Clients’ requirements
  • react to changing customer needs in real-time
  • provide support during the pre-and post-implementation phase
  • help with platform configuration, integration with external systems and data implementation
  • provide maintenance services

We have carried out Veeva projects for:

  • Lilly
  • GSK
  • Biogen
  • Bayer
  • Shire
  • Janssen

Cooperation with Veeva’s official partner means:

Wsparcie techniczne

Professional tech support


Detailed and up-to-date information about Veeva solutions


Certainty that created materials fulfill all Veeva requirements


Support from an experienced and competent agency

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