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Szczepienia.pl website

Szczepienia.pl website

CLIENT: GlaxoSmithKline

YEAR: 2012


Creation of a new, fresh layout and updating content on the website.

The website uses a virtual calculator that helps parents estimate the cost of vaccination of the child from the moment of their birth to the age of 3. Additionally, new useful subpages were introduced – with the help of Vaccination history or Safety patients can understand the topic of infectious diseases a little better.

We kept the often visited sections: Vaccination Calendar,  FAQ, Ask the Expert (application using Active KOL).

Active Pharma’s work included:

  • Creation of the new graphic layout for the website
  • Adding new features such as “Plan in the Budget “
  • Updates added to the 0-3, 19, 20+ vaccination calendar
  • Content update
  • Programming
  • Testing and implementation of the website


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