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Stopdrapaniu.pl website

Stopdrapaniu.pl website

CLIENT: Fundacja Towarzystwo Weterynaryjne

YEAR: 2016


Active Pharma’s job was to create a website for Stop Drapaniu – a nationwide social campaign about allergies, parasites and skin infections among dogs.

An educational website was created – when visiting it pet owners can learn more about worrying symptoms, diagnosis and treatments. The website also includes a map of veterinary clinics in Poland that treat allergies. Veterinary offices can join the campaign by filling out a special online declaration. The www.stopdrapaniu.pl website  was created in accordance with the foundation’s requirements and expectations. It’s clear, user-friendly and responsive – it work really well also on mobile devices.

Active Pharma’s work included:

– Creating a website dedicated to the campaign

– Adapting the service to mobile devices

– Testing, implementation and management of the website


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