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Kleszczeinfo.pl website

Kleszczeinfo.pl website

CLIENT: Baxter

YEAR: 2011


Active Pharma, in collaboration with Baxter, has created a new layout of the  kleszczeinfo.pl website. It is an important element of the campaign “TBE – prevent, vaccinate yourself”. The website is supposed to provide information about the tick-borne encephalitis, as well as prevention, areas of occurrence of ticks and advice concerning the removal of ticks.

Active Pharma Creation Department used JS animations, which effectively turned patients attention on the threat of tick-borne encephalitis. We created interactive elements, such as a quiz “Rate the risk of infection”, parallax effect visible through the magnifying glass on the home page, as well as a map of Europe, which originator is Baxter and which Active Pharma refreshed by implementing new graphics. With the Active KOL application users questions are answered by an expert.

Active Pharma’s work included:

  • designing the architecture of information
  • creation of modern graphic
  • implementation of JS animation
  • application of Python / Django technology in creating the website
  • testing and implementation of the website


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