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Transmission of a medical conference

Transmission of a medical conference


YEAR: 2009


Roche used Doc.Tv during a medical conference on  the subject of rapidly expanding approach to medical therapy, which is personalized medicine. The event took place on 17.04.2009 at Warsaw Olympic Center and was attended by a lot of medical specialists, both Polish and foreign. Speakers associated with personalized medicine delivered lectures and also participated in the panel discussion.

Active Pharma’s task was to film the conference, produce videos and adapt them to the FLV format so that online users could also watch the video materials from the event. Active Pharma also developed additional on-demand materials (e.g. interviews with KOL’s) from the conference.


Active Pharma’s work included:

  • filming the conference, production and assembly of the video in order to adapt it to FLV format
  • recordings interviews with KOL’S, who gave answers in front of the camera to pre-prepared questions related to the topic covered during the conference
  • developing tools for promoting materials among doctors


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