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Realization of a webcast for the www.ccel.pl platform

Realization of a webcast for the www.ccel.pl platform

CLIENT: Eli Lilly

YEAR: 2010


During its first project with Eli Lilly Active Pharma’s task was redesign of the www.ccel.pl website. Lilly Diabetic Education Centre is an informational and educational website meant for people suffering from diabetes. Thanks to the website patients can get more information about their illness, contact CCEL medical facilities (institutions that support patients in fighting the diabetes).


A webcast with an educational nurse was filmed.


Active Pharma’s work included:

  • Project analysis
  • Modification of graphics and flash animations on the website
  • Writing a script, recording and editing the webcast (flv format ) for the website
  • planning and carrying out SEO and SEM campaigns
  • testing and implementation of the website
  • hosting


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