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Observational e-Studies

Observational e-Studies


YEAR: 2013


The “Observational study – cardiology, neurology, internal medicine” project was implemented via the electronic Medical Records platform. Active Pharma’s task was to confirm assumptions and analyze the conclusions from observations of patients taking specific medicines.

Electronic platform supports and modernizes the work of physicians participating in a multicenter research in Poland. The project is based on an interview with a patient carried out in a modern form. The main project was divided into three sub-projects, which were focused on six studies of particular medical products. Statistical and epidemiological data collected, stored and processed in the course of the research will allow to create an analysis and reports for the project.

Active Pharma work included:

  • Project analysis
  • Graphic work
  • Programming
  • Implementation of the research algorithm
  • Implementation of a dedicated application
  • Conducting professional system workshop
  • Technical Support (Help Desk)
  • Essential support
  • Preparation of periodic reports


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