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„My Avonex” mobile application

„My Avonex” mobile application

CLIENT: Biogen Idec

YEAR: 2015


Active Pharma’s task was to prepare a mobile app for the Polish market. The app is meant for patients suffering from MS that are using the medical product called Avonex.

Thanks to the app, patients suffering from MS can: control the use of the Avonex medical product, note injection places, but also set a reminder concerning future injections, regular doctor and nurse visits. Thanks to the app, the patients have access to websites dedicated to programs  and organizations that bring together people suffering from MS.


Active Pharma’s work included:

  • Designing the app’s logo
  • Consultations with a healthcare professional, a nurse and a patient
  • Preparing the application’s Polish version based on the original, New Zealand version
  • Creation of a friendly-user app that makes its all functions available for use
  • Preparing the application for the iOS and Android systems


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