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Victoza e-Detailing

Victoza  e-Detailing

CLIENT: Novo Nordisk

YEAR: 2010


Novo Nordisk wanted to carry out an attractive multimedia presentation called “Victoza” during a conference for diabetologists. The objective was to engage the participants’ attention, but also help collect more detailed information about physicians’ preferences.

Active Pharma prepared four Medi Kiosks with the multimedia eDetailing presentation. The product presentation in English ended with a quiz. Each logged in person who, in the shortest possible amount of time, answered correctly at least 7 of 10 questions, had a chance to win attractive prizes. The presentation was connected to the CLM Analytics analytical environment. This allowed the Novo Nordisk company to gain an instant access to detailed information about answers provided by doctors. This in turn helped make the marketing campaign more effective.

Active Pharma’s work included:

  • Creating an attractive graphic presentation
  • Preparing tools to store and analyze the collected data
  • Engaging doctors in the message presented


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