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e-detailing Elosone

e-detailing Elosone

CLIENT: Blau Farma

YEAR: 2010


Active Pharma’s task was to create a modern e-detailing presentation that would be both informational and educational. The focus of the material was the Elosone ointment (the product itself, its use, the benefits and contraindications).


After seeing the presentation dermatologists had a chance to take a test consisting of 10 questions to win a prize. The prize was free attendance at a chosen dermatology conference held anywhere in the world. The presentation was published at a dedicated product subpage at www.akademiablaufarmy.pl

Active Pharma’s work included:

  • creation of layouts, animations, graphics
  • programming work
  • implementation of the presentation to the analytics environment
  • creation of attractive advertising tools for www.akademiablaufarmy.pl


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