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System upgrade to iTouch CLM 2.0

System upgrade to iTouch CLM 2.0

CLIENT: Sanofi-Aventis

YEAR: 2013


Active Pharma’s task was to upgrade of the iTouch CLM 1.0 application to iTouch CLM 2.0 in a short period of time. iTouch CLM 1.0 system was used by Medical Representatives since January 2012 – good experiences with the CLM system resulted in the decision to develop the project even further.

The upgrade was preceded by a three-month pilot project. During this period  a team of Representatives tested the mobile app while the Management team verified new, advanced tools of the Analytics 2.0 system. Soon both sides made the decision to upgrade the CLM system to the 2.0 version.  The whole process lasted less than 10 days. The intense  effort and work of production teams, Help Desk and project managers was concluded with the application workshop for about 70 people.

Active Pharma’s included:

  • Quick migration of slides and content for the iTouch CLM 2.0 platform
  • Implementation of the relational database
  • Implementation of the presentation on the server
  • Development of a system, database and application layer in order to create a local server for the iTouch CLM 2.0 application
  • Tests and implementation of the project
  • iTouch CLM 2.0 application training for 3 teams of Medical Representatives
  • Analytics 2.0 training for the Product Manager


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