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iTouch CLM product campaign

iTouch CLM product campaign

CLIENT: Biogened

YEAR: 2010


The Biogened company commissioned Active Pharma to implement a CLM campaign for six products from therapeutic areas: neurology, psychiatry and oncology. By launching the CLM campaign the client wanted to collect as much specific data as possible, which would be useful for market analysis in areas that were interesting to them, as well as to increase sales.

The campaign used the CLM system for tablets. A group of 30 representatives took part in a two-day workshop during which they learnt about the use of the CLM system and unusual situations that they may encounter when using it. One of the main objectives of the campaign laid out by the Client was building an image of the market. That’s why the product presentation was created by the Medical Department to research preferences of healthcare professionals. It contained a lot of detailed questions – provided answers were analyzed using the analytical environment of the CLM Analytics component.

Active Pharma’s work included:

  • strategic analysis
  • development of presentation scenarios
  • programming and coding the slide show in HTML 5.0 technology
  • implementation on a server
  • testing and implementation
  • workshop for representatives participating in the project
  • Help Desk service


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