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iTouch CLM Gynecology campaign

iTouch CLM Gynecology campaign


YEAR: 2011


The client decided to completely move away from using traditional tools, such as printed materials, to reach doctors. The objective of the project was also to examine preferences and needs of gynecologists.

With the use iTouch CLM, Active Pharma’s Creative Department created for MSD modern presentations for iPad tablets. After a visit, doctors received e-mails with information, materials or reprints of research that were interesting to them. Examining preferences and needs of gynecologists was possible thanks to the CLM Analytics research system, which is an integral part of the iTouch CLM component. After the representative’s visit all collected data was available to the MSD Project Manager, allowing them to immediately learn about the healthcare professional’s preferences and to make changes to the campaign.

Active Pharma’s work included:

  • product analysis
  • development of presentation scripts
  • slides programming and coding in HTML 5.0 technology.
  • implementation on a server
  • testing and implementation
  • training of representatives participating in the project
  • Help Desk assistance


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