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iTouch CLM campaign

iTouch CLM campaign


YEAR: 2012


The Client’s purpose in implementing the iTouch CLM platform was to collect data from physicians from particular areas of interest and to promote their product.

The iTouch CLM platform for iPads was used during the campaign. Due to the Client’s requirements concerning doctor opinion surveys, Active Pharma introduced a number of solutions that support marketing data collecting and processing with the CLM Analytics module. Multimedia materials and latest scientific reports served as an additional measure in reaching the physicians and increasing their interest in the product.

Active Pharma team also conducted a workshop for medical representatives in using iPad and the iTouch CLM application. The aim of the workshop was also to prepare them for different situations that may occur during their everyday work with the presentation and the device.


Active Pharma’s work included:

  • Analysis of customer needs
  • Development of solutions for the CLM presentation
  • Creation and programming slides in HTML 5.0 technology
  • Implementation of the presentation on a server
  • Testing and implementation
  • Workshop for medical representatives to support the iPad and iTouch CLM application
  • Helpdesk support


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