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iTouch CLM 2.0 Pulmonology campaign

iTouch CLM 2.0 Pulmonology campaign

YEAR: 2014


Active Pharma’s task was a complete implementation of the iTouch CLM 2.0 system for a Pulmonology campaign.


Medical Representatives from the therapeutic area of Pulmonology underwent the iTouch CLM 2.0 application training, during which they were able to acquaint themselves with iPad Air and do a number of CLM exercises on their own.

The brand manager also took part in a training for the analytics panel, which not only helps track statistics of the CLM campaign, but also helps automatically create reports on their basis.

What’s more, the analytics panel gives the manager access to the statistics of: carried out visits, shown presentations, displayed slides, sent e-mailings.


Active Pharma’s work included:

  • Slides’ coding
  • Implementation of the relational database
  • Implementation of the presentation on the server
  • Development of a system, database and application layer in order to create a local server for the iTouch CLM 2.0 application
  • Tests and implementation of the project
  • Configuration of the analytical environment for District Managers
  • iTouch CLM 2.0 application training for a team of Medical Representatives
  • Analytics 2.0 training for the Product Manager


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