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iTouch CLM 2.0 Cardiology campaign

iTouch CLM 2.0 Cardiology campaign

YEAR: 2014


Active Pharma’s task was a complete implementation of the iTouch CLM 2.0 system.

iTouch CLM 2.0 system became an day-to-day work tool for the team and is gradually replacing the printed promotional materials. The decision to implement the iTouch CLM 2.0 system, which offers the Representatives a wider range of possibilities in their everyday work along with a more intuitive use and new functions, was the obvious next step.

Two new system modules (post call mailing and post call reminders) were implemented. Thanks to the post call function, the Representative is able to increase the frequency of their interaction with a doctor by sending them an e-mail in between the visits. The aim of the reminders is to simplify the Representative’s day-to-day work by reminding them of their next assignments.

The implementation process lasted two months and was concluded with a series of trainings for the Representatives and Managers. 

Active Pharma’s work included:

  • Creation of slides’ design and mailings for the iTouch CLM 2.0 platform
  • Implementation of the presentation on the server
  • Assigning selective groups to the presentation
  • Implementation of the relational database
  • Development of a system, database and application layer in order to create a local server for the iTouch CLM 2.0 application
  • Tests and implementation of the project
  • iTouch CLM 2.0 application training for a team of Medical Representatives
  • Analytics 2.0 training for the Product Manager


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