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CLM campaign for Sanofi Pasteur

CLM campaign for Sanofi Pasteur

CLIENT: Sanofi Pasteur

YEAR: 2012


Active Pharma’s task was to create a presentation for three different product groups. Planned duration of the campaign was 12 months.

During the campaign the iTouch CLM system for iPads was used. It allowed the introduction of a number of solutions to facilitate the transfer of relevant information. An interactive world map is an accessible and interesting way of showing which vaccination recommendations apply to specific regions. The quiz in a short time allows you to collect relevant information, which, together with the other data, can be easily processed with the CLM Analytics module.

Active Pharma provided the company’s Representatives with iTouch CLM and iPad training course which covered both, the theoretical and practical aspects.

Active Pharma’s work included:

  • Creating a different layout for each product group
  • Implementation of an interactive quiz for the presentation’s recipients
  • Creation of an interactive world map with vaccination recommendation
  • Designing and programming slides in the HTML 5.0 technology
  • Implementation of the presentation on the server
  • Tests and implementation
  • iTouch CLM 2.0 application training for a team of Medical Representatives
  • Analytics 2.0 training for the Product Managers


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