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CLM campaign for Biogen Idec

CLM campaign for Biogen Idec

CLIENT: Biogen Idec

YEAR: 2013


Active Pharma’s task was to create an interactive, multimedia material that would support the team working with the product used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Implementation of the project was prepared with attention to detail, both in terms of content and the technical aspect. The implementation of the project was preceded by several months of preparation, but high quality was more important than quick execution.

The created material turned out to be a helpful tool for the representatives that at the same time provided interactivity and involvement of the viewer, but also helped to collect useful data from the market. The data provided by CLM Analytics help introduce changes that will help adapt the material to the needs of the market.

Active Pharma’s work included:

  • Project analysis
  • A reliable, in-depth analysis of the product and the market carried out together with the Client
  • Defining goals for the CLM campaign materials and their implementation
  • Designing a product presentation scheme for multiple visit scenarios
  • Support for the customer in creating personal profiles of patients and in building research
  • Implementation of interactive profiles to help collect data on specific types of patients that visit doctors who are the recipients of the presentation
  • Development and implementation of a library of educational and multimedia materials
  • Slides’ creation and programming in HTML 5.0 technology
  • Implementation of the presentation on the server
  • Testing and implementation
  • iTouch CLM 2.0 application training for a team of Medical Representatives
  • Analytics 2.0 training for the Product Managers


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