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We create innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical industry that help increase the effectiveness of marketing activities and sales.


An inviting and clear website is a basic marketing tool for every company, but how to keep up with the changing preferences and needs of potential users?

Thanks to the growing number of people using the Internet on smartphones and tablets, responsive websites are already a standard in business. Not adapting the website to various mobile devices may have a negative impact on its effectiveness and user experience.

Active Pharma also supports customers in terms of implementation of mobile applications for the most popular mobile operating systems. We create applications with a specific purpose and a specific recipient in mind:

Client and server applications

Business and analytical apps used for collecting, processing data and reporting.

Custom-made applications

We create mobile applications that support processes in various business areas.

Applications for doctors and patients

Tools useful in professional work and everyday life, such as dictionaries, reminders, calculators.

Benefits of MedMobile:

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