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We create innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical industry that help increase the effectiveness of marketing activities and sales.


Active Pharma’s Intranet system was created with pharmaceutical companies in mind and for their needs. Dedicated solutions provided by the Intranet system on the Sharepoint platform support and optimize the company’s work in terms of process integration.

Module examples:

Reservation of conference rooms

thanks to an interactive calendar employees can book rooms for scheduled meetings


presentation of the company's organizational structure in the form of an attractive diagram

Online training

an application enabling publication of training materials and tests for checking employees knowledge

Annual evaluation of employees

a module enabling carrying out an employee evaluation in an electronic form.

Pharma Intranet allows:

At Active Pharma we focus on a full business analysis, which serves as a main basis for creation of an Intranet platform that meets the Client’s needs. We provide workshops, help for users and administrators, and support in terms of developing systems for local IT departments.

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