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We create innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical industry that help increase the effectiveness of marketing activities and sales.


Thanks to our experience in the pharmaceutical industry, only ActiveAd guarantees efficiency of the Internet campaigns. Visits on the website that result from searching phrases via Google usually account for 80-95% of all website traffic. However, achieving a high search position in the browser requires a deep analysis of the site, both its structure and content. Additionally, the number of people using social media platforms as a source of product information is constantly growing.

Our services include:

Audit of online marketing activities

During the audit we analyze all e-marketing activities carried out using various online communication channels (website, social media platforms, and other).

SEO strategy

A top position in the search results is one of the most effective tools for reaching potential clients online. Our team will carry out an analysis that will facilitate the optimization of content and links on the website and will help adapt such analytical tools as: Google Analytics or Google Search Console.

Management of AdWords campaigns

Google advertising campaign is a very good way to reach potential customers. Active Pharma provides support in terms campaign management which includes e.g. text ads in search engine, display advertising via the network, static and dynamic remarketing, and video ads on youtube.

Management of Facebook and Instagram campaigns

Currently, 90% of Polish internet users are active on social media - the majority of them use it to look for opinions about products and services. Advertising on social media platforms allows you to effectively reach a specific and well-defined group of recipients who may be interested in the company and its product.

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